"Through sharing our thoughts, we inspire one another, share visions and create the future. We discover common values and build commitment. By thinking through and analyzing how, we determine how we can do things together."

- Ruth Hild - The Art of Facilitation
Literally, facilitation means ‘making things easy’. In today’s workplaces, facilitators make things easier by: Using a range of skills and methods to bring the best out in people as they work to achieve results in interactive events. Typically, facilitators are asked to help people to make decisions and achieve results in meetings, teambuilding sessions, problem-solving groups and training events.

Whatever the goals of your meetings are, with the help of G&H facilitators, you always achieve the end results.


Meeting Facilitation sessions conducted by G&H over the past few years include the following

Meeting Name Date/Location Target Audience
Archetype Group
——————— Regional meeting – Becoming more Entrepreneurial 17 September, 2012 HCMC - Vietnam International/Vietnamese team
Asian Development Bank(ADB)
Meeting Facilitation 13 March, 2009 Hung Yen - Vietnam International based ADB in Vietnam
Meeting Facilitation & Team Retreat 5  - 7 August, 2009 Hanoi, Vietnam International/Vietnamese team
Meeting Facilitation & Team Retreat 7  - 8 Aug, 2008 Nha Trang, Vietnam International/Vietnamese team
AusAID FY 07/08 Strategic Planning 10 – 13 October, 2007 Hoi An – Da Nang Vietnam International/Vietnamese team
Australian Embassy
Meeting Facilitation 8 – 9 February, 2012 Hanoi, Vietnam International/Vietnamese team
NS BlueScope Vietnam
HR The Next Generation 24 July, 2012 HCMC – Vietnam HR Team
HR Partnering 24 August, 2012 Vung Tau – Vietnam HR Team
Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam
Meeting Facilitation Strategic Organizational Alignment Retreat 17 January, 2011 HCMC, Vietnam Heads of Department
Strategic Review Meeting 17 December, 2012 Senior Management Board
Winning Goal Workshop 25 March, 2013 Heads of DepartmentSenior Management Board
IFC Mekong Region Personnel Meeting 23-25 March, 2010, Hoi An - Vietnam All Mekong Regional Personnel
Meeting Facilitation on ACS Team Leadership 2009 Vietnam ACS Team Leaders from Asia
EAP ACS Retreat 2008 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia ACS Staff from different countries
Meeting Facilitation for “EAP Senior ACS Workshop” 6-7 March, 2008 HCMC, Vietnam Senior ACS Staff for the EAP Region
Meeting Facilitation 24 – 25 Sep, 2010 Vung Tau - Vietnam Sr.Vietnam team
Market Edge Asia
MEA Strategic Review Workshop 20 May, 2011 HCMC, Vietnam Key Executives
SGS Vietnam
Meeting Facilitation for SNV Asia Business Development Team Meeting 30 Aug – 3 Sep, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand Asia regional representatives
World Bank
Sustainable Development Department Strategic Meeting 23 June, 2007 Tuan Chau, Ha Long, Vietnam Sector Manager and Senior Operation Officers