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As a long term resident of Vietnam; 20 years plus, most people comment “you must have seen a lot...
The Evolution of Presentations – Vietnam
The following “What not to do”, or “How to get the design of training wrong” is a direct result of...
Designing Training Material
All L&D and Training Specialists know the essentials of Instructional Design*, and in my...
Professional Training Material
Every organization, every manager, has an opinion on what millennials need to learn. Most of...
Developing Your Young Professionals / Millennials
Many organizations ask us to design a series of training modules to meet their training needs, quite...
The Advantages and Disadvantages of A Standardized Module Approach To Training In Vietnam
The simple answer to this question, as with most things is; it depends. Some communication is...
Communicating, or influencing what should I be doing?

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Talent Management in a Technology 4.0 Word

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Management training

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Middle Management Development Program 2018-2019

Most participants agreed that the workshop met their purposes. Up to 95.5 percent agreed they had acquired useful information and the training was worth their time. They also had high opinions of the trainer’s knowledge and enthusiasm. They were impressed with the activities encouraging participants to be creative and think outside the box.....

Australia Awards - Vietnam

In conclusion, this class is very amazing, not only has the practical content, but also the attractive teaching method of Mr. Garry through lots of interactive teamwork activities. Surely, it will be very useful for me in the real work to influence my peers, team members, and managers.

Thuan Le

Frontend Design Department

”The trainer is exceptional. He is very knowledgeable, thus not only addressing the participant’s questions but also providing us with a lot of useful information, insights and advice for which we are truly grateful……”

Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong

PHD Country Director of VEF Vietnam

In conclusion, I really liked this class. It brought a fresh breeze to the dry climate of a technical environment and I wish it would come at a more regular interval.

Thuan Le

Frontend Design Department

I am inspired by Garry's instruction and sharing to be positive in every case and I will push myself more to be a good leader for my team. Facilitation skill is very motivated, energetic and humorous


Not a bad 3 days of training informative jocked my braw and walked away with more than I came with - Overall the course was at times difficult but not at a level where completion will be unattainable. It has kept me awake and alert. I feel I have benefited greatly from attending this course.

Masan Resources

The content workshop is easy to understand, very useful, has lots of new knowledge, practical for work and training activities, more new knowledge related to setting goals for a specific plan, risk assessment, and contingency plans. I can learn many new tools and methods: SDI, GRIP, ...


The class has many activities, recognizing the need to analyze many goals for a course. There are very good analysis, a new way of thinking and teaching. The coursebook and tools are very helpful.


The teacher is enthusiastic who has many skills, experience and convey the content of the course. The course helped me to better orient myself in communication, change my way of thinking and thinking of life.


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