The process of learning needs to be enlightening and fun. By using interactive games, knowledge transference is made easier and learning more meaningful.

Training alone is often not enough to bring about the desired skill improvement. One of the best known ways to ensure that skills are transferred to the workplace is through a "skills transference initiative". These initiatives vary for each course, but they have one thing in common, a practical measurement of application of new skills. 
G&H introduces the Toolkit Approach to Management & Leadership Training
A modular approach to accelerating the effectiveness of professional managers / supervisors.
Advanced / New Programs offered as public courses for the first time.
Providing training in the key elements of HR Management, plus addressing the four most common training professional competencies.
For training that is designed to meet the specific needs of your team – The best option is “In-Company” Training.

Firstly, we carry out a:

Senior Management

Training needs analysis. Based on this, we customize a course, plus we work with you in determining how to measure the results of the training. Delivery can be in English or Vietnamese. See “Why G&H” for detail.
What will the Development Toolkit achieve
The Development Toolkit is intended to accelerate the effectiveness of managers, supervisors and those who need to develop specific soft skills.

How Does it Work
There are a total of 11 courses, each course takes 2-days to complete. For some, one or two programs are enough to meet their immediate needs, for most, a minimum of 5 courses is recommended. The choice depends on the needs of the individual person. For example, some need to understand Finance for Non-Financial Managers, while others need to be effective in Project Management.

The Courses
1. First Step To Management – Supervisory Skills
2. Effective Negotiation Skills
3. Practical Coaching Techniques
4. Project Management
5. Effective Communication Skills
6. Effective Time Management
7. Problem Solving & Decision Making
8. Management & Leadership
9. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
10. Influencing Skills
11. High Impact Presentations
Each course is presented in both Hanoi and HCM City. Please refer to Development Toolkit schedule.
Trainning Method/ Facillitators

All training is highly participative, featuring games, Vietnam focused case studies, and practical. The facilitators for each course are specialists in the respective topic.
What's included in the fees
Professional International Standard Facilitator, quality workbook ( not predenter's slides) the venue, a four star hotel including lunch.

Single Booking or Corporate Package

Single Booking
The single booking rate is for attendance at one course for one person. This is mostly intended for the individual or SME that is looking for a quick solution to a specific development need, i.e. to improve Time Management Skills, or to develop confidence in Presentations

Corporate Packages
The corporate packages enable organizations that are serious about people development to take a proactive approach to planning training, while at the same securing the best rate available. There are four corporate rates available.
Partnership Level No.Registrations Expected Discount Rate
Platinum Partner 50 20%
Gold Partner 30 15%
Silver Partner 20 10%
Corporate Partner 10 7%
No financial or contractual commitment is required to establish a corporate rate. What is required is a genuine indication of the number of places / courses needed.